GVS means Ger Vellema Sporting

Why should you choose for GVS?
Due to participation and building in the autosport for many years , most of this in the European Championship Autocross, to pursue new developments, always trying to improve,GVS gained the knowlegde which you need for a proven winning concept!

Ger Vellema
Renze Vellema

Ger Vellema is the motivator behind GVS, from the day he was born he's infected with the motorsportvirus, when Ger turned only 1 week old, from that day his father Renze participated in autocross races. Eversins they both you can find on many motorsport events.

By participation on many autocross races they both acquired a lot of experience in this beautiful form of motorsport.
Several achievements were made by Renze Vellema, but the big succes started in 2003/2004 with Chris Waldschmidt when Chris became European Champion in the div.3a in 2004, with Ger as his Chief Engineer. In those days as Chief Engineer with Chris Waldschmidt, Ger gained a lot of knowledge during all European events, and the newly made foreign contacts.

This all made happening that in the winter of 2007/2008, the first GVS Buggy was build, for Glenn van Rosmalen, who in his first complete European Championship season gained an overall standing in the championship of 6th place.

Some modifications where made during the winter of 2008/2009, which turned out nicely and result came, The ultimate an autocross car manufacturer can achieve: Glenn became European Champion Autocross 2009 Div.3 with the GVS 001.

Presently GVS mainly builds Rallycross- and Autocrosscars and parts, you can follow us under Projects. Also Ger will be Chief Engineer on the Skoda Fabia 2 driven by Simon Peetoom in the European Autocross Championship 2012 which is build by GVS, also you can find us on several Rallycross/Autocross races.